Space Warp Technology

Space Warp Technology's rockets    will be to space transportation what the Ford Model-T was to ground transportation, cheap, affordable and easy to maintain. SWT will manufacture single use, multistage solid motor rockets using a proprietary manufacturing and ocean launch processes. Space Warp Technology Corporation rockets will carry          payload to LEO ($500 per pound or payload) or GEO for 1/2 the cost of any liquid propulsion (reusable or single use) rocket on the market today. SWT Aerospace, unlike other rocket companies relying on liquid fuel motors, can thrive in either an up or down market and launch from land or oceans. SWT's manufacturing           process makes possible the mass production of solid motor rockets which are far simpler, safer, less  and equipment intensive than liquid motor rockets. Space Warp Technology's use of solid motor rockets  makes a water based launch system that greatly reduces costs and labor practical.