Space Warp Technology Hotels

Space Warp Technology Hotels will using inexpensive solid motor rockets to build profitable hotels in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). SWT's first hotel will be named the LEO Hotel. The LEO Hotel will be built in record time in a Low Earth Orbit by Space Warp Technology in 2024. The 12 key LEO Hotel will accommodate up to 24 guests and

4 hotel staff for stays of 5 days or more  in Low Earth



The LEO Hotel will thrive in either an up market or a down market unlike other hospitality companies that depend of liquid fuel motors rockets.


The operational costs to operate and  maintain the LEO Hotel will be low enough to ensure that all debts and investments will be repaid in two years or less.  Primary investors can expect to  receive a cap rate of 30% for the 10 year life of the hotel.