Space Warp Technology's
Floating Hotel
Most Unique Hotel Concept In The World
Place Over Any Surface - No Weight on  Elevator/Tower
Rotates and Change Height
   1 Year Start to Finish 
(Site, Hotel, Soft, FF&E Costs)
Little Ground Prep.
Height - as high as elevator tower.
650' in diameter.
7,500,000 cubic feet of helium.
 64 rooms, private bath, queen bed.
Rooftop dining room and bar - 3600 sq. ft.
Exercise room, equipment, and steam room.

Space Warp Technology's Floating Hotels can be placed over existing buildings, sites with little ground space or over water.

Very little increased load on tower other than wind forces. Placing over an existing building requires few modifications reducing project  costs and time. Parking spaces can be placed directly under the hotel reducing land costs.  NB Hotels require a very small umbilical tower to dock to. The tower can be of any height. It consists of an elevator, emergency stairs, power cable, a water supply and sewage piping connected to the hotel via flexible cable. The umbilical tower can be anchored in lakes, rivers, sea coasts, forests, scenic areas, mountain sides with little impact on the surrounding area. The umbilical tower can be an extension of existing elevator shaft requiring little risks or modifications to the building facilitating hotel placement. 

Up to 4 hotel plates with a total of 244 rooms with bar and restaurant can be placed one above the other. The plates can independently rotate to guarantee good room views at locations with view restricted sites.

Project construction time is only time to build the tower and supply electricity, power and sewage. The Floating Hotel is built offsite and floated  above  buildings and obstructions to the umbilical tower.

Costs to build 42 rooms hotel with F&B comes in at around $30,000,000 with just a bar and limited food service$25,000,000. Yearly building maintenance comes to $150,000 a year.