Space Warp Technology
You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
Earth based bunker whether on land or ships are not safe from large numbers of people interested gaining access. No global leader' bunker has ever successfully fended off a determined enemy backed by sufficient numbers of like minded souls seeking access. In addition, there are many natural disaster scenarios that render surviving in a land or ocean based shelter bunker doubtful.
The only safe bunker is one  in  a high Earth or lunar orbit, or on the Moon.  The costs are more, but successful survival has a much higher probability.  SWT business plan is able to provide small shelters in space at time of need or large shelters built in advance. And, equally important,    Space Warp Technology's rockets can are inexpensive to maintain, and can be launched in hours which may all the time available to escape some calamities natural or otherwise.
Skin In The Game
There are several investors who have used their personal fortunes to start their own rocket companies. Unfortunately, all are following in the very expensive footsteps of NASA - liquid fuel rockets.  No matter the engineering improvements   made, the rockets they build will not be all that lower in costs than the rockets built by government agencies.  After subtracting support services and leading edge research information provided by NASA including safety reviews, launch and tracking, the savings are paid for by taxpayers. For all those investors and business people trained in the elite private universities in the United States, this is not an issue as long as they make money. But, the model is unsustainable and ultimately bad for the country, investors and the future.
The only fuel system that will reduce the costs of rockets is solid fuel. Solid fuel has made tremendous strides since the 1950s when liquid fuel was the only quick solution during the space race. Solid rocket can be easily launched out of the ocean. Space Warp Technology has designed and validated  an approach that is less expensive than any liquid fuel rocket to produce, support and launch.
Space Warp Technology does not have the capital reserves  to proceed with the business plan developed. The "Skin In The Game" is the team of consultants and corporate officers  who are ready to assemble  and manage a winning organization and  a comprehensive business plan that will yield high returns not depended on government largess or commercial returns from long term mining ventures dependent on self sufficient colonies that are 60 years in the future.
Space Warp Technology return on investment will be 200% starting in 5 years and 100% every year after for 8 years.