Space Warp Technology

Space Warp Technology (SWT) was incorporated in 2016 in Massachusetts to develop the least expensive, rockets in the world by 2021 to build and service financially viable hotels in LEO, GEO, and then Lunar Orbit. 


The founder, Arnold Roquerre, belief that hotels and survival stations in space are the key to colonizing space. The way profitability is assured by SWT is not only to build the least expensive and safest human rated rockets, and use those rockets to build and operate the space hotels and shelters. 


Solid motor rockets are the rockets to build and use to achieve the low cost required to building hotels that draw guests over and over.  Hotels in space are the first step in the conquest of space! 

SWT's single use solid fuel rockets will transport material, workers and guests to its' hotels at 1/3 the price of any liquid fuel re-useable or single use rocket!